This is an example of a Home-Start Lite site which has been partially localised for Home-Start North Somerset. It is not complete, it is purely a demonstration website, you may find errors in the site.

I have located some information about you and localised it as far as I can. The cost of this site as it stands is £165. If you do not want the members page, then the base cost of the Lite site is £140. The members page is a private page, intended as a centralised noticeboard for the volunteers so they can check things online, it also incorporates a calendar.

There are 13 pages on this site, not all are accessible from the menu. There is one example post or news item. Posts appear on the News Page.

The site supports Google Translate. It can be translated into over 50 languages. The grammar of the translation is not perfect, however anyone whose first language is not English, could still figure out what the site is about.

The Facebook Like at the top does not mean you have to manage a facebook page. It is so that facebook users can “like your site” and share it on their wall, this means more people will be aware that your organisation exists.

The site is fully functional, the form on the contact us page will send a message from the website to your email address. Do try it out.

What do I need to do?

Firstly you are under no obligation to me, I have done this so you can see what it could look like. I can also show you how it works inside. If you are interested in pursuing this, then read on. I have built or am building around 35 sites for Home-Start local operations throughout the UK.

All you need to do to complete this site is review the contents, pass edits to me, and pay particular attention to the useful links page. This is a valuable resource for your readers, and will encourage them to share the page with friends. I can turn around the edits and then it is good to go.

But I can think of more things to put on there

That is a good thing. However you need to look at the site and ask the question, what is the minimum I need to publish? Websites are live documents. They should not stay the same for ever. You can add, remove or edit anything on the site. I get you started.

You should anticipate that I will provide you with training, and there is training online I provide where you will be independent and can manage your own site. I do not seek a long term relationship with you, unless you want one. I try to make everyone I work with independent.

Yes I want it!

If this is what you want, then let me know, along with any additional edits you have, or I can show you how to edit the content. I can get this online for you in around 24hrs.

It is not quite what I want

I can add content to this foundation, or I can start from an empty site. The choice is yours. I can even take your existing content and move to this framework. Let me know what is missing and I will let you know if and how I can help.

Additional pages

You can have additional pages if I create them, format them and integrate them into the site, these are £25 each. Typically I am asked for a password protected members page, an integrated newsletter (this repackages your news and sends it out to an address list), a family group page, and a page about the trustees. This site currently has one additional page over the base site: Members. On this page a calendar is also included so volunteers can go to one place to know when training and other events are occurring and read notices from the central office.

How long will this site remain here?

This site will be present at this location for 2 weeks, then it will be removed. You can contact me on 01494 863136 / 07511 336046 or by email