Volunteer Stories – Izzy

I have been volunteering with Home-Start for 18 months now after completing my 10 week training course in January 2016.

On my retirement from paid work I was looking for a voluntary role in which I could help others.  I saw an advert in our Church Newsletter and was encouraged to apply by my Minister’s wife.

I have been involved in children’s work both in a paid and voluntary capacity through many years and being a Mum/Grandma myself I was looking for some way to help families in need of a little extra support.

I was also looking for a role which was flexible enough to accommodate the dates on which I could offer support.

The family I supported had new born twins and I really enjoyed feeding and playing with them. I spent time listening to the Mum who valued having an adult with whom to talk as well as taking over with child care so she could have a shower or wash her hair and feel a bit more human again. We discussed possible options for child care for Mum’s return to work as well as generally being a “stand- in” Grandma and encouraging her in her child care. It has been wonderful to see her change over the months and to watch the boys grow as well.

If you love children and helping others then I would advise people to give it a go.

You will be well supported and trained by the Home- start team.

It is very rewarding to see the changes that can be made in families by simply spending time with them.

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